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Moonology - Full and New Moons

It is of no surprise that every month we experience a Full and New Moon, but what do they mean too and for us.

The moons full process is just short of 30 days, so the Full and New Moon tend to be 14-15 days apart.

The Moon is our Feminine Energy (all humans have Feminine and Masculine energy, but that's another topic). Think emotions, intuition, creativity, nurturing, expression, patience.

If you consider that the Moon force controls the Ocean and Tide, you'd be foolish to dismiss it effecting our beings, particularly as humans are made up of 60% water.

Every Month we get either a very vague change in vibration or an extensive purposeful Guidance dependant on how much you want to take, where about you are in astrology depths, how much energy you want to place in its hands and how conscious you are of your changes in energy.

If you consider as a basic rule of thumb... ( and I am a beginner in the world of astrology, I just deeply believe in it and committed to learning more)

The Full Moon

Letting Go

Cleansing Negative Energy

Clearing Out

Moving on

Consider forgiving, shifting or dropping energies that no longer serve you, ridding fear, acknowledging and choosing to let go of anything that doesn't feel in alignment, potentially a past experience or a deep routed emotion that is holding you back. It maybe time to look at generational or Societal conditioning or even something as basic as looking at why you feel an annoyance or frustration at certain things or even people.

What are you holding on to that you know you need to move on from?

What is niggling you that no longer is helpful?

What do you blame, instead of looking at and distracting yourself?

This is an opportunity once a month to look at yourself, your being, your existence, your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, tap in to your intuition or your gut feelings (this may take a minute if you've had your head in the sand, been drowning in cortisol or adrenaline or procrastinating to avoid the feels), but you can reevaluate your choices and actively change them, accelerated under the Full Moons energy.

This maybe uncomfortable as it seeks to go deeper that just scratching the surface. What looks like an annoyance or a grumble on the top layer, is often a projection of how you feel about yourself and sweet FA to do with the subject you're blaming or firing you venom towards.

I first tapped in to Full Moon energy through a IG follow must @chriscorsini, who has encompassed all his own messages and literally blown up in front of peoples eyes. Ive followed him since he had 4k followers and he 100% deserves every ounce of success he's achieved as his Full moon workshops are literally life affirming. You of course can engage as little or as much as you like, but if you're investing in yourself, you quickly realise that although they are collective messages, they feel very personal and relevant to your life. Chris's Workshops (Full and New) include, astrology, tarot, energy clearing and a guided meditation. The latter I used to loathe (just in general - nothing personal to him) and repeatedly told myself I couldn't do, but in honesty it was probably the most i feared as struggled to be still. It now has been the most powerful tool I use as these workshops consistently taught me to practice patience. Astrological energies are like waves that effect the collective, with obvious variances dependant on your birth chart and Astrology chart (but I'm not going to begin to pretend I understand 1% of this). However, If you lack self discipline or want to soak up divine guidance, these prompted workshops are the one and a great consistent to build up a regular commitment to yourself.

The New Moon

Bringing in


Expanding Vision

Focussed on True North

The New Moon brings clear vision, it activates direction, it encourages us to acknowledge what OUR True North is and what is required to walk our own path. It doesn't want us to be suppressed, although acknowledgement that you maybe walking someone else's path may evoke discomfort, it needs and

encourages you to see the light, the new day, the possibilities. Whatever you can imagine you can create, one. step. at. a. time. The New Moon is to inspire you, wherever you place your energy and focus, you can flourish.

The New Moon is encouraging you to slow down and listen, to trust your intuition, and to focus on what is possible under this and subsequent moons, it will propel you forward if you trust in its energy.

Change is uncomfortable, but without it we don't evolve, nothing remains the same, so by restricting change you are sabotaging yourself, you're standing in your own way. By blocking's change, we become stagnant, our best self fades away we become a shell, but worse we attach ourself to external factors we live for other people, we feel hollow.

We know we can't look back, the past has gone, the lessons are either learnt or repeated until we do choose to learn (but that's a Perspective Blog for another day!), what we can do is focus on the present, raise awareness of our pain points and work through them under the Full Moon energy, then strive to be the best possible soul we can be with compassion and Love for yourself first and foremost, under The New Moon energy.

It is a Twice Monthly reminder to keep moving forward.

The Luna or Moon cycle are connected to Menstrual and Ovulation cycles, therefore can be attached to your own emotional and energy cycles. Im still very new to this, but @katenorthrup is your go to. Im a quarter way through her 'Do Less" book which compartmentalises the month, acknowledging your energy levels at each stage of the Luna/ your cycle and to enable you to plan more efficient working and living balances, free from guilt and frustration we often allow ourselves to feel when we are feeling foggy or lethargic and can't pin point why. I promise to do a full book review when I've finished as Im deviating slightly, but this IS the future!

By reading to this point, i would imagine you are not only intrigued by Moonology like me, but you're no doubt looking for an external 'answer'. I see you, I was you and I hold great compassion for you. By ignoring this force or choosing to bury your head, you are choosing to tread water and the current only gets stronger. I urge you to sit with any uncomfortable feelings that the Moons energy raises or your currently dealing with as if you are committed to yourself, at the other side of uncomfortable is our most authentic, free and loving self, that you deserve to be, but you'll never get there by not investing in yourself.

If nothing else use the Moons phases as a prompt to being accountable and pulling yourself up... a YOU equivalent of your Phone updating.

As like your iPhone... you my darling, are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.

ILY (out loud)

Amie x

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