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WHO am I  |  WHAT is the White Room all about  |  WHY do I do what I do?

Hello Lovely,

Im Amie, the Owner, Permanent Makeup Artist + Aesthetics Nurse Prescriber; at my Lovely Business in Chesterfield, Derbyshire... THE WHITE ROOM.


From my Beautiful Little purpose made Conservatory Clinic, overlooking green and tranquil views... I can offer you complete Tranquility and Privacy. 

I am a Nurse by trade, previously practicing in a number of inpatient and community settings, since 2006. The NHS can be a Roller Coaster so after 12 years, I decided I wanted to live by my own rules and follow my dream of becoming a Boss Lady. That too has been a steep Learning Curve, and really made me step out of my comfort zone, but I'm so passionate about Empowering and Encouraging Self-worth through Natural Tweaks and Bespoke Treatments that I offer, its almost become a calling. 

The correlation between Pyschological wellbeing and Physical appearance are far from new concepts, with countless studies in relation to how acne increases the prevelance of depression, etc. We all know that if we don't feel good about our selves, we ruminate on the insecurity and just make ourselves feel worse rather than any better. By tweaking insecurities or bugbares, we make room for us to see ourselves in our true light and step out with confidence. 

I started my journey in Permanent Makeup, shortly after I had my brows done and it changed EVERYTHING! To someone with great brows, I totally understand you don't get that, but the lift if gave me in my confidence, knowing that my brows wouldn't rub off or be unsymmetrical EVERYDAY and they would be there when I woke and looked in the mirror, felt amazing! It was a year in to that Journey that I added Aesthetics as a natural progression tbh. Dermal filler is very creative so flowed on perfectly since I was on such a creative roll. I  have the skill set to offer really transformational bespoke packages that can tackle a multitude of ageing sins, coupled with returning to University to complete my Nurse Prescribing to ensure you are in the safest hands possible. 

Wether you are looking to frame or brighten your face, relax those expression lines, restore lost volume and youthfullness or wanting to treat pigmentation, acne, scarring or dull/dry complexions, turning back the clock and feeling fabulous with Non-Surgical procedures has never been so accessible.

Both industries are ever improving and moving forward with advanced techniques; dedication to constant training and learning is a necessity; which as a Skin Nerd, I LOVE!

I believe Beauty should NOT Rinse off, you SHOULD wake up and love you, BEFORE any makeup. Turning back a little time has a huge impact on your self worth. You deserve investing in, feeling the most confident, and walking the tallest...for no-one else, but... YOU!

If you have any questions at all, want to discuss any concerns but unsure of the procedure, please feel free to contact me for a FREE 1:1 Consultation. I have also devised  a TREATMENT PATHWAY if you're unsure of what procedure treats what complaint and you will find lots of information on each PROCEDURE I offer.

I look forward to meeting you and planning your self care journey . . .

. . . Amie     x 

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"Stand Tall Darling"

Look and Feel the best version of you, 

with bespoke tweaks that turn the 

clock back...


Offering the most up to date 

techniques in Bespoke Permanent Makeup, Medical Grade Skin care and all things Aesthetic Injectables

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