Aesthetic Injectables

Aesthetic Injectables are so powerful in the preservation or battle of Youth. They are responsible for plumping and Relaxing where the Ageing Process has started to diminish your sparkles as all you see in the mirror is that little annoyance. 

Injectables, from 30+ are an extremely personal and bespoke Treatment Plan. There isn't a one size fits all and needs to be carefully discussed with a Practitioner that equally wants a youthful and discrete result. Girls in there 20s don't have volume loss of signs of ageing, so to them its to distort or change, to those wanting to age gracefully as possible, without causing alarm, its about turning the clock back a tad and placing injectables to restore that confidence you had in your appearance 5-10 years ago.  


A lot of women already know about the wonders of Dermal Filler, however if it is placed right, and not spoken about (as its often not over the age of 30!) it will always remain their secret, portraying only a healthy glow of happiness. 


Product selection is determined by the Aesthetic Nurse trained in Advanced Aesthetics, post consultation and expectation of the client. 

Dermal Filler
Dermal Filler Lips
How much Filler is required?
Lines and Wrinkles
Mid face Dermal Fillers
Lines and Wrinkles
Lip Augmentation
Teoxane Training
Lip Augmentation


Length of Procedure: I book 1-2 hours ut for all Procedures as dont believe in rushing. However the Prodedure doe not take this length of time, this is more for discussion and support.

Aesthetic Injectables are obtained from a Specialist Pharmacy (not available for general sale over the internet), once obtained post Consultation, can be Administered by a Specialist Aesthetic Practitioner

It is a misconception that someone with Aesthetic Injectables; will look fake or obvious to onlookers, unless desired. Natural is The White Rooms ethos.

Aesthetic Injectables, or Non Surgical Procedures carry risk and should always be carried out by a Medical Professional. The Aesthetic Complications Expert Group divised downloadable Patient Information sheets, to ensure you are informed and as safe as possible in this unregulated industry.

Click HERE for Dermal Filler Patient Fact Sheet Click HERE for Anti-Wrinkle Injection Patient Fact Sheet


If you are unsure what treatment you may require, rest assured that I will do a thorough consultation that will advise you accordingly. Very little advice can be given in any form other than a face to face review in light of some Injectables being Prescription Only Medicines (POM), therefore adhere to Advertising Medicine Laws. All procedures are allocated a 1-2 hour appointment slot as I dont believe in rushing clients + all prices include a thorough Consultation, the Procedure and a Review. However if you are intrigued and wanting to research a little more, before an appointment, see The White Rooms TREATMENT GUIDE. This of course isnt bespoke, but gives a basic overview of what treats what. Want to know more about Injectable AFTERCARE ?


Dermal Fillers 0.5ml | £150 1ml | £230 - 250 (area dependant) 2ml | £400 Toxin Injections 1 area £150 2 areas £200 3 areas £250 Price includes Consultation, ordering and receipt of Prescription, Procedure + further review 2 weeks after the initial procedure.